New Orleans on the Fault Line

    • Alternating Sundays, 2:00pm4:00pm

    NOLA on the Fault Line brings a rich array and heritage of music created along the rivers and bayous of Louisiana to West Marin. The show celebrates the historic intersectionality of French Colonialism with West Africa and Haiti, as well as the unique union of Catholicism with African beliefs, such as Voodoo, in creating what we know today as Blues, Jazz, Zydeco, Cajun, R&B, and more. Explore this exciting music that has sprung from the adversities of slavery, civil war economics, floods, and hurricanes. Today, the City that Care Forgot,  is stronger than ever, alive and vibrant, in New Orleans and now at KWMR through the perspective of a local, DJ Mary Pepper.  Hear legendary James Booker, Professor Longhair, James Rivers, Dave Bartholomew, Buckwheat Zydeco, Clifton Chenier, the Marsellis Family, Astral Project, the Dixie Cups, Irma Thomas, Spencer Bourne, and more! Bon Ton Roulet! Let the good times roll. 

    DJ Pepper offers beaucoup (lots of) local perspectives from her years living in New Orleans. Besides riding her ten dollar bike through floods and potholes to hear the greatest music on Earth,  Mary also drew horses at the race track, started the first classroom for autistic children along the Mississippi River, and later started a school for over 450 children of Katrina survivors. Today Mary is starting a nonprofit for exracehorses. She is a long time resident of Tomales, and a long time learning specialist for Shoreline Unified Schools where she developed curriculum and instruction for gifted, individualized thinkers. 

    Below is a little langiappe (something extra for free). Check out these links to great clubs, shows, restaurants, art, and private musician FBs. Watch for upcoming events in New Orleans at NOLA the Fault Line.

    2:00pm, 7-14-2024