The French Touch

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A French Hour to
present you French Pop Music from France, Quebec, Belgium and other French speaking countries with your host Emmanuel. A French Native, Emmanuel resides in Inverness and is live on KWMR every Friday from 4 to 5pm and Tuesday at midnight for the French listeners [Wednesday 9am].  In the seventies, Emmanuel
hosted a similar program called Radio à la Carte for ten years on KQED radio San Francisco, and also sporadically on other stations such as KHSU,
KCSM and KUOP to name a few..


June 11: Popourri of French pops with Alain SOUCHON,  BENABAR, Bernard LAVILLIERS, CHRISTOPHE, Carla BRUNI, Clara YSÉ, Gisele PAPE, Laura CAHEN, Jeremy FREROT, Julien CLERC and more.

June 18: FÊTE DE LA MUSIQUE [June 21] where live music is played in ever town and every villages of France with POLO & PAN - Alain BASHUNG - AMIR - ANGELE - Célina RAMSAUER - Cyrille AIMEE – ZAZ - POMME - STROMAE and more.

June 25: More song from Fete de la Musique with Coeur de PIRATE, Francis CABREL & Fred PELLERIN, Lilian RENAUD, Mireille DARC & Serge GAINSBOURG, 21 Juin LE DUO, ALONZO, Noé PRESZOW, Nolwenn LEROY & Charles AZNAVOUR, Nataly DAWN & Cyrille AIMEE and others.

July 2: The French pop songs of 1976 -part 1 of 2 - by Alain SOUCHON, Claude FRANCOIS, DALIDA, Daniel GUICHARD, DAVE, Eddy MITCHELL, Elisabeth JEROME, Enrico MACIAS, France GALL, Frederic FRANCOIS, Gérard LENORMAN, Jean FERRAT, Jeane MANSON, Joe DASSIN and others.

July 9: La Marseillaise à toutes les sauces for Bastille Day.

July 16: The French pop songs of 1976 -part 2 of 2 - by Michel DELPECH, Michel FUGAIN, Michel SARDOU, Mort SHUMAN, Nicolas PEYRAC, Romina POWER, Johnny HALLYDAY, Julien CLERC, Sacha DISTEL, Serge LAMA, SHEILA, Sylvie  VARTAN, Véronique SANSON, William SHELLER and others.

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The French Connection on WEDNESDAYS 2PM on KWMR. Classical music with a French accent, by French composers and French artists.

JUNE 9: French composers of the 19th century like Emmanuel CHABRIER, Jules MASSENET, Gabriel FAURÉ, Claude DEBUSSY, Erik SATIE, and Maurice RAVEL.

JUNE 16: Potpourri of French Classical music with Louise BERTIN, Melanie BONIS, Michel BLAVET, Gabriel FAURÉ and others.

JUNE 23: we will feature French Classical composers whose names start with the letter C such as Andre CAMPRA, Charles CATEL, Emmanuel CHABRIER, François COUPERIN and his nephew Louis COUPERIN, Louis-Nicolas CLERAMBAULT, Marc Antoine CHARPENTIER, Michel CORRETTE, Cecile CHAMINADE and Fredrick CHOPIN. Yes, CHOPIN, born in Poland, moved to France when he was 21 and became a French citizen.

JUNE 30: French music for wind instruments

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The French Touch
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