Running with Scissors

  • Alternating Wednesdays, 6:30pm8:30pm

Growing up, everyone I knew liked music. Friends with older sisters
introduced us to new rock and roll. Then punk rock came out and blew us
away. The rules changed. You didn’t need to be a musician to create
music. When the rockers and punks grew up, so did the music they
listened to. It wasn’t about always turning the volume knob to 11. Maybe
it was about playing The Who followed by Patti Smith, then some Hank
Williams, and maybe even spinning the Beastie Boys and Aretha Franklin.
What it really came down to is there were no musical boundaries and you
could play everything you liked because the path’s too narrow to only
choose one direction. Don’t forget your jacket and keep your elbows off
the table.

With Your Host:  Mike Varley

Running with Scissors
6:30pm, 7-10-2024