May 11, 2024

  • 12:01am LOOK OUT by Asterix on Asterix (Lucifer's Friend/German Bonds feat. John Lawton) (East West Germany), 1998
  • 12:03am Pandemonium by Birth Control on Operation (NiWo Music), 1997
  • 12:10am In the Time of Job by Lucifer's Friend on Awakening (Lucifer’s Records), 2015
  • 12:17am Eloy by Eloy on Eloy (Philips), 1971
  • 12:23am In Search Of The Peace Of Mind by Scorpions on Lonesome Crow (Vertigo Berlin), 1972
  • 12:27am Vineta by Puhdys on 36 Hits aus 36 Jahren (Amiga), 2005
  • 12:36am Durch dich durch by SAFI on Durch dich durch (Rookie Records), 2024
  • 12:47am Traum vom Leben by Goethes Erben on X (Dryland Records), 2023