August 27, 2022

This audio is no longer available.
  • 11:03am Thrill Ride by Ragan Whiteside on Thrill Ride (Randis Music), 2022
  • 11:08am Tribute by Tom Harrell on Oak Tree (MERLIN - HighNote Records), 2022
  • 11:19am Bounce by Najee on Savoir Faire (Shanachie), 2022
  • 11:30am Bluesthetic by Steve Davis on Bluesthetic (Smoke Sessions), 2022
  • 11:35am Epic Dream by Paul Taylor on And Now This (ORCHARD - Peak Records), 2021
  • 11:40am Sierre - Live by T.S. Monk on Two Continents One Groove - Live (Storyville Records), 2022
  • 11:45am Secret Sauce by Paul Brown on Promised Land (Shanachie), 2022
  • 11:50am Thinking About You by Cyrus Chestnut on My Father's Hands (MERLIN - HighNote Records), 2022
  • 11:57am Vanishing Point by Alex de Grassi on The Water Garden (Tropo Records), 1998