July 23, 2022

This audio is no longer available.
  • 11:03am Move Ahead by Richard Elliot on Authentic Life (Shanachie), 2021
  • 11:08am Dat Dere by Caesar Frazier on Tenacity / As We Speak (Track Merchant Records), 2022
  • 11:14am The Lamp is Low by Scott Hamilton on The Lamp is Low (Radio Edit) (ORCHARD - Stunt Records), 2022
  • 11:19am Coastline Crusader by Paul Hardcastle on Hardcastle X (The Eclipse) (ORCHARD - Trippin N' Rhythm Records), 2022
  • 11:24am Straight to the Point by Paul Taylor on Straight to the Point (ORCHARD - Peak Records), 2021
  • 11:30am Sambatropolis by Hendrik Meurkens, The WDR Big Band, Michael Philip Mossman on Samba Jazz Odyssey (ZOHO), 2022
  • 11:35am I'm Every Woman (feat. Althea Rene & Ragan Whiteside) (None) by Kim Scott on I'm Every Woman (feat. Althea Rene & Ragan Whiteside) (MERLIN - Innervision Records), 2021
  • 11:40am Summer Rising by Joey Alexander on Origin (Mack Avenue Records), 2022
  • 11:46am Valentine Love feat. Alyson Willimas by Najee feat. Alyson Willimas on Savoir Faire (Shanachie), 2022
  • 11:51am Bedford Strolle by Steve Davis on Bluesthetic (Smoke Sessions), 2022
  • 11:57am Shucks by Bill Frisell on Nashville (Nonesuch), 1997