April 20, 2022

This audio is no longer available.
  • 10:42pm The Working Man by Creedence Clearwater Revival on Creedence Clearwater Revival 2014
  • 10:47pm For Pete's Sake (Closing Theme) [2007 Remaster] by The Monkees on For Pete's Sake (Closing Theme) [2007 Remaster] (WMG - Rhino (Pure)), 2016
  • 10:59pm Blowin' in the Wind by Bob Dylan on Beginners Guide to American Folk (ORCHARD - Carter Lane - OMiP), 2013
  • 11:00pm Sister Sadie by Horace Silver on Horace Silver - Finger Poppin' (BELIEVE - Isis), 2020
  • 11:01pm Tell Me All The Things You Do by Fleetwood Mac on 50 Years - Don't Stop (Rhino/Warner Bros.), 2018
  • 11:13pm The Ganesh Peace Spirit by Black Bombay on Black Bombay (BELIEVE - Surabaya Music Publishing), 2020
  • 11:23pm Breathless by Robert Fripp on Exposure (EG), 1979
  • 11:27pm Mea Culpa by Brian Eno on Mea Culpa (WMG - Nonesuch), 2006
  • 11:28pm Thankful 'N Thoughtful by Robert Randolph & The Family Band on Thankful 'N Thoughtful (WMG - Warner Records Label), 2006
  • 11:30pm Shilela by Hailu Mergia on Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument: Shemonmuanaye (Awesome Tapes From Africa), 2013
  • 11:31pm The Democratic Circus (2005 Remaster) by Talking Heads on The Democratic Circus (2005 Remaster) (WMG - Warner Rhino Off Roster-Audio), 1988
  • 11:48pm The Ganesh Peace Spirit by Black Bombay on Café Rio (Avatar Records), 2021