Let's Talk

  • Thursdays, 11:00am12:00pm

Let’s Talk is the first
dedicated call-in show on the station, and the idea is to hear from the
listeners of KWMR about their views on important subjects.

Every Thursday at 11 am we will raise a topic for
the hour and ask the questions of our listeners for which we’d like some
callers to give their responses, while we carry the conversation
forward in the studio and on the phone (415-663-8492) with our callers.

Your voice matters! That’s the whole point of the
show. We will not be bringing in experts or authors for their particular
study, but want to know what you think.  Contentious issues could
divide us, but we’re creating this community forum where we can all come
together, with empathy and open minds, to discuss our differing views
on subjects that affect us all, locally, nationally and globally.

Let’s Talk is a blame-free environment, where all
views that are stated without profanity will be heard. Airing diverse
opinions and diverging views can help us all better formulate our own
decisions and framing.  With such open discourse we’re hoping for
greater community convergence of ideas.

With Your Hosts:  Paul Reffell, Raven Gray, & Bernie Stephan

Let's Talk
11:00am, 1-11-2018
11:00am, 1-4-2018