August 5, 2022

  • 4:00pm Pearly Shells by All Star Hawaiian Band on Steel Guitar Magic (Mountain Apple Company), 1994
  • 4:00pm C'est si bon by Yves Montand on Les idoles de la chanson française : Yves Montand, Vol. 2 (BELIEVE - Mon patrimoine musical), 2015
  • 4:01pm Je t'aime à l'algérienne by Zaho on Je t'aime à l'algérienne (Suther Kane), 2022
  • 4:05pm Juste pour te plaire by Tim Dup on Juste pour te plaire (Columbia), 2021
  • 4:08pm Bonjour Au revoir by Joyce Jonathan on Les p'tites jolies choses (BELIEVE - 2100 records), 2022
  • 4:12pm L’enfer by Stromae on L’enfer (Universal Music Division Polydor), 2022
  • 4:15pm La recette by Slimane on La recette (UMG - Universal Music Division Capitol Music France), 2022
  • 4:22pm Bye Bye Baby by Requin Chagrin on Bye Bye Baby (SME - KMS Disques), 2021
  • 4:25pm je sais pas danser by Pomme on je sais pas danser (Universal Music Division Polydor), 2019
  • 4:27pm Impala by Adèle Castillon/Videoclub on Impala (Iconoclast Music), 2022
  • 4:33pm Mon Cœur by Izïa on Mon Cœur (BELIEVE - naïve), 2022
  • 4:37pm Lee-Ann & Lucy by Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains on Banane Bleue (MERLIN - Domino Recording Co), 2021
  • 4:40pm C'est bon by Emma Peters on C'est bon (BELIEVE - Local), 2022
  • 4:43pm Real Talk by Lil Dank on Still Thuggin in Public (Lil Dank Records / Rapbay / Urbanlife Music), 2009
  • 4:43pm Renversé by Emily Loizeau on Renversé (Les Editions de la Dernière Pluie), 2021
  • 4:47pm Laisse aller by Claudio Capéo on Laisse aller (BELIEVE - Jo&Co), 2022
  • 4:50pm Au revoir by Clara Luciani on Cœur (UMG - Universal Music Division Romance Musique), 2021
  • 4:52pm PS : Je t'aime by Christophe Willem on PS : Je t'aime (SME - RCA Group), 2022
  • 4:55pm Tout savoir by Adé on Tout savoir (BELIEVE - Tôt Ou Tard), 2022
  • 4:58pm Blowin' in the Wind by Bob Dylan on Beginners Guide to American Folk (ORCHARD - Carter Lane - OMiP), 2013
  • 4:59pm On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean by John Fahey on John Fahey, Peter Lang, Leo Kottke (UMG - Concord Records), 2006