July 24, 2020

This audio is no longer available.
  • 11:20am I'm In Love by Kaye on The Angels Sing Merry Christmas (School of Jazz Records), 2016
  • 11:23am Sweet Georgia Brown (feat. Johnny A) by Lou Pallo on Thank You Les (American Showplace Music), 2012
  • 11:26am When a Gypsy (Makes His Violin Cry) by Erroll Garner on Solitaire (Crazy Warthog Media), 2019
  • 11:54am Slow Dancing with Misery by Michael Seyer on Ugly Boy (644744 Records DK), 2016
  • 11:58am Come On Mule by Melody Walker & Jacob Groopman on We Made It Home (Maker/Mender), 2013