April 25, 2020

This audio is no longer available.
  • 4:00pm Mix Up World by Quito Rymer on Putumayo World Music 10th Anniversary Collection 1993-2003 (Putumayo World Music), 2003
  • 4:01pm Mana by Mayra Andrade on Navega (RCA Victor), 2007
  • 4:06pm Criatura by Agusto Cego on Bobossó (MB Records, Inc.), 2000
  • 4:10pm So Um Cartinha by Lura on Di Korpu Ku Alma (Lusafrica ), 2011
  • 4:19pm Galo Bedjo by Various Artists on Cape Verde 2003
  • 4:20pm Cabo Verde Mandá Manténha by Cesária Évora on Café Atlantico (RCA Records Label), 1999
  • 4:24pm Nha Konpanhera by Mendes Brothers on Cabo Verde / Kabu Verdi (MB Records, Inc.), 2005
  • 4:28pm Segredo Na Luar by Téofilo Chantre on Azulando (Lusafrica ), 2011
  • 4:32pm Paródia Familiar by Ildo Lobo on Incondicional (Lusafrica ), 2005
  • 4:36pm Cinderela by Fantcha on Criolinha (Lusafrica ), 2011
  • 4:37pm Funana Ca Tem Frontera by Maria de Barros on Morabeza (TerreMar Musica), 2009
  • 4:40pm Nha Cumpadre Faustine by Various Artists on Cape Verde 2003
  • 4:45pm Tchon-di Massa Pé by Various Artists on Cape Verde 2003
  • 4:48pm Chico Malandro by Ana Firmino on Cape Verde (Afrikana), 2003
  • 4:53pm Cumba Iêtu by Various Artists on Cape Verde (Lusafrica), 2003
  • 4:59pm So Long Too Long by Majek Fashek & The Prisoners of Conscience on Spirit of Love (A+ Global Entertainment), 1991